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Construction with Design


Our Vision

R & M Design and Construction, a family owned business, was founded in 2001. With over 15+ years of Design and Construction ​expertise, we know that by working together we can accomplish a VISION of perfection in your design and construction needs. Our goal is to assist and serve you in the development of your household and /or business designs, whether it be for personal pleasure or in order to draw more customer attention. We can make any place feel like home. Our customer oriented and knowledgeable staff take pride in helping our customers to better understand their VISION and work hard to bring that VISION to life, bringing the highest rates of customer satisfaction and retention. 


We Constantly Strive to:


Present innovative ideas for customer satisfaction


Provide quality service unattainable elsewhere


Maintain the highest moral and ethical standards


Maintain a safe, clean, yet productive work environment


We are committed to creating an environment that ensures customer satisfaction to the highest standards. Furthermore, we will always go above and beyond for our customers to improve the quality of each individuals VISION. 

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